Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Such a deep and thoughtful title I know. How could anyone ever think of something so... unique?!

It's a gift I tell you.

The real reason why it's timeless is because here, in Las Vegas, Nevada, there are no clocks in any of the casinos. Yep, none what so ever. There's also hardly any windows. Now I know that to some that is breaking news and that you can hardly breath since you are so overcome with this information! But just relax, please just breath and take a second to come back to your surroundings. 

Bravo, you did it. 

To be honest I was going to call this blog "Toupees in Tokyo!" Which now I kinda wish I did... Oh well the time of naming has come and gone. This is now "Timeless"  

I really wish I could add some "Twilight" sparkles to that, it would definitely add a more cheese-tacular feel to it. Oo lovely I can change the color and highlight it!

Oh yeah, I'm so cool.

I ask you (the one and only person who actually might be reading this) to forgive my spelling, grammar, and/or other terrible writing mistakes!
I am no English major... in fact sometimes I wish that my native language was something other than English! That way I could just make the excuse "Sory, I don't speek gewd engrish" 
If that offended you, good. 
The world is offensive! Get use to it! Not everyone is going to love you and not everyone is going to hate you either. Find those select few (or many) who you can be yourself with and see how much people can rock some serious socks!

Much love though, much love...

To be completely honest, this blog was an impulsive move on my part. After typing a comment too long that I was sure no one was going to read while on facebook I thought that I would put my thoughts in to a different location where they might just possibly be read. 
I like to share my thoughts and I hope this actually does turn out for the better. 

So enjoy my hypocritical and not completely researched trains of thought. I hope that you can follow them because I know that I can't.

-Thank you- :) 

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